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Get the most out of your Sonos benefits with these convenient health tools and resource.

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Think Like a Consumer


Compare your estimated cost for medical coverage based on specific health care scenarios.

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Resources for LGBTQIA+ Employees


Sonos offers resources to support the unique needs of our LGBTQIA+ employees.

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Save for the future with our 401(k) Retirement Plan

Join the 401(k) plan and receive a Company match!

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How’s your work-life balance?

Juggling work, personal, and family responsibilities is no easy task — especially after the COVID-19 pandemic rewrote all the rules. Try these tips and resources to restore a sense of balance to your life.

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Digital health care is here to stay

Fueled by the global pandemic, telehealth is now more widely available — and utilized — than ever before. How much do you know about this convenient option?

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What you need to know about crypto

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency. But what exactly is it? Here are some common questions about this trendy but high-risk investment.

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