Welcome to Benefits Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Is October 31 to November 11, 2022

It’s your once-a-year opportunity to enroll in or make changes to your Sonos benefits. If you don’t actively enroll, your current elections will carry over to 2023, except for any Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account elections (HSA). Take some time now to understand your benefit options and costs for the upcoming year.

Enroll by November 11, 2022. The benefits you elect will be effective January 1 – December 31, 2023.


What's New for 2023

Here’s a summary of what’s new and changing for your 2023 benefits.

Employee Premiums

The amount you pay for coverage each paycheck will change in 2023.

Aetna PPO Buy-up

This plan will no longer be offered. If you’re currently enrolled and don’t select a new plan during Open Enrollment, you’ll be enrolled automatically in the Aetna PPO Classic.

Aetna CDHP

  • The in-network annual deductible for an individual enrolled in family coverage will be $3,000/member.
  • The in-network annual out-of-pocket maximum will be $5,000/member and $10,000/family. For out-of-network, it will be $10,000/member and $20,000/family.

Aetna HMO

The office visit copays will be $30 primary care/$40 specialist.

Tufts HMO

  • The office visit copays will be $30 primary care/$40 specialist.
  • Prescription drug copays for a 30-day supply will be $15/generic, $35/brand formulary, and $50/brand non-formulary. A 90-day supply will be $30/generic, $70/brand formulary, and $150/brand non-formulary.
  • The emergency room copay will be $150.
  • Prescription drug coverage will be administered through OptumRx, effective January 1, 2023. If you enroll in the Tufts HMO, you will receive a new member ID card that includes the OptumRx logo — the new card(s) will be mailed to your home address prior to January 1.

NEW! TouchCare

TouchCare will replace HealthAdvocate as our health care concierge service. This benefit is provided at no cost to you, and you’re automatically enrolled. TouchCare helps you with things like:

  • Billing: If you get a confusing health care bill, they can investigate it for you. TouchCare will ensure the charge is correct or negotiate on your behalf with your provider or carrier when it is not.
  • Education: You can schedule an appointment with a TouchCare representative to review your benefit plans during Open Enrollment, ask detailed questions, and learn cost savings strategies.
  • Provider scheduling: TouchCare can search for providers based on your plan and preferences, and even schedule appointments for you.
  • Cost estimates: Before you need a test or procedure, call on TouchCare to research your costs, so you know what to expect ahead of time.

To learn more, visit the TouchCare website or call 866.486.8242.

Tax-Advantaged Accounts (FSA, HSA)

The following contribution limits will increase for 2023:

  • HSA: $3,850 for employee-only coverage and $7,750 for family coverage. If you are age 55 or older, the annual catch-up contribution remains unchanged at $1,000.
  • Health Care FSA/Limited Purpose FSA: The current $2,850 limit will increase to $3,050. In addition, the unused amount that you can carry over into the following year will increase from $570 to $610.
    • Important note: 2022 FSA funds can only be rolled over to 2023 if you actively enroll in the FSA for 2023. If you don't enroll, you will forfeit any remaining 2022 funds.

Do I Need to Take Action?


You must make your selections by November 11, 2022 if you want to …

  • Enroll in, change, or cancel coverage.
  • Add or drop dependents.
  • Contribute to an FSA and/or HSA in 2023. Your current elections do not roll over.


If you don’t want to make any changes or participate in an FSA or HSA in 2023, you don’t need to do anything. We encourage you to review your current benefits and confirm they will meet your needs in 2023.

Important! If you are not currently enrolled for health care coverage and take no action, you will continue to have no health care coverage in 2023.

During Open Enrollment, be sure to review your:
  1. Dependents: Ensure they are accurate and have the correct coverages.
  2. Beneficiaries: It’s a good idea to review your beneficiaries each year (life insurance and 401(k) Plan). If a beneficiary is not designated for life and AD&D insurances, you will be unable to complete your Open Enrollment event.
  3. Personal contact information: Confirm your home address and contact information are correct.

A New Way to Make Informed Decisions

Sonos Benefits and Your Long-Term Financial Goals

Inflation is affecting many aspects of our lives. If you're looking for ways to stretch your dollar in the short term, don’t forget about balancing long-term financial goals. That’s where your actions during Open Enrollment come into play. We encourage you to go about things a little differently this year. Use this time to think about how you use your benefits, and consider reallocating your dollars to create more financial security using your Sonos benefits.

Look for Ways to Optimize Your Sonos Benefits
  • Run the numbers. Does what you pay for medical coverage make sense for how often you need care? Our Medical Plan Cost Estimator tool helps you consider your total costs.
  • Evaluate your life and AD&D insurance. No one likes to plan for the unexpected, but if something happens, will your loved ones be financially protected? One option to consider is purchasing voluntary life and AD&D coverage for you and your family.
  • Pay less taxes. Benefits like our FSAs and HSA let you pay for eligible expenses tax-free. Any money you save on taxes will stay right in your own pocket.
  • Use discount programs. You may have personal insurance for things like legal services, pet insurance, auto insurance, or home insurance. See if your rates and coverage are competitive by comparing them to the options available through Sonos.
  • Increase your 401(k) contribution. If you’re not already saving at least 6% of your earnings, you’re missing out on matching contributions. That’s free money to help you combat inflation.
  • Evaluate options available through a family member. Talk with your family members who also have benefits coverage (spouse, partner, or parent). This is a good way to make sure your family is participating in the most cost-effective options.

Total Well-Being All Year Long

Sonos benefits are designed to support your total well-being, during Open Enrollment and well into the future. Here are highlights of some options:


Your Open Enrollment Checklist

Use this checklist to make the most of your enrollment opportunity:

    Explore these tools to learn about your benefit options: Think about your coverage needs for 2023, including how often you anticipate needing to access health care.
    Make sure your dependent information is correct and all your dependents are still eligible.
    Enroll in an optional FSA/HSA, if eligible — your FSA and HSA elections do not carry over to the next year.
    • Important note! You can roll up to $610 of unused FSA funds from 2022 into 2023 — but only if you actively enroll in the FSA for 2023. If you don't enroll for 2023, you will forfeit any unused funds from 2022.
    Review your beneficiaries — it’s a good idea to review your beneficiary information (especially if your personal circumstances have changed) and make updates as needed. If a beneficiary is not designated for life and AD&D insurances, you will be unable to complete your Open Enrollment event.
    Complete your benefits enrollment online through Workday by Friday, November 11, 2022.

How to Enroll

Review, enroll, or make changes to your benefits in Workday.

  1. Log into Workday and open the Complete Open Enrollment Elections task in your Workday inbox.
  2. Select Let’s Get Started to choose your elections.
  3. Select Enroll to elect a benefit, or Manage to view your current election and make any desired changes.
  4. Once you’ve selected benefits for you and your eligible dependents, select Review and Sign. You’ll be able to see a full list of your chosen benefits and the total cost per paycheck. If everything looks correct, check the I Agree box and then Submit. Click on View Benefits Statement, then Print to download your confirmation statement.

Important! After Open Enrollment, you can only enroll in or change your health care coverage within 31 days of a mid-year qualifying event, such as a change in marital status, the birth or adoption of a child, or if you or your eligible dependents gain or lose access to other coverage.