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Last updated date: 4/26/2024


As part of the Sonos benefits package, you have access to a variety of benefits and discount programs to suit your personal situation, priorities, and budget. These voluntary benefits are available at low group rates. For additional information regarding benefits, limitations, and exclusions, visit Backstage to view plan documents for legal, pet, auto and home insurance, and identity theft protection.

Legal Plan

Legal Access offers economical access to attorneys for legal services such as will preparation, estate planning, and family law:

Administered by Legal Access
Legal services provided at discounted rates
  • Name change
  • Home sale/purchase
  • Bankruptcy
  • Simple divorce
  • Child/spousal support collection
  • Traffic tickets
  • Standard incorporation
  • Will with minor trust
  • And more
Cost $14 per month

For more information, contact the Legal Access Member Service Center at 800.562.2929, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To enroll, go to Workday.

Pet Insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance provides coverage to help you cover the costs of veterinary care:

Administered by Nationwide Pet Insurance
Levels of coverage Nationwide Pet Wellness Basics: everyday care
Nationwide Major Medical Plan: comprehensive coverage
Nationwide Major Medical: comprehensive coverage + wellness coverage
Cost Prices vary depending on your pet. Talk to Nationwide directly for pricing.
How it works
  • You can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian in the world.
  • Once your pet is examined, diagnosed, and treated, you pay the practice for veterinary services or products.
  • Next, you’ll submit an insurance claim form to Nationwide. Reimbursement for eligible expenses takes approximately 14 days.

For more information or to enroll, visit Nationwide Pet Insurance through our group’s link or call 877.738.7874 to speak with a licensed sales agent.

Identity Theft Protection

ID Watchdog provides the following monitoring services:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Cyber security
  • Public records
  • Lost credit or debit cards
  • Fraud
  • Detailed credit reports
  • And more!
Enrollment Tier Monthly Rate
Employee Only $8.95
Employee + Dependents $17.95

Check to these resources to learn more about identity theft protection through ID Watchdog:

For more information about identity theft protection, visit Backstage. To enroll, go to Workday.

Auto & Home Insurance

Farmers GroupSelect provides access to a variety of personal insurance policies, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Boat
  • Car
  • Mobile home
  • Personal excess liability
  • And more!

For information about auto and home insurance, visit the Farmers GroupSelect website or call 800.438.6381 to receive a quote (use discount code DV9 when calling).

If you're based outside of California: Visit the Farmers GroupSelect website or call 800.438.6381 for information and to receive a quote (use discount code DV9 when calling).

If you're based in California: Call 833.956.3221 for information and to receive a quote.

Child & Adult Care

Sonos provides employees with a premium membership to Care.com and 10 days of back-up care. Register at sonos.care.com using your Sonos email address. For more information about this program, visit Backstage.